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‘Now is the time for gratitude about it. Let’s accept it. Let’s say I don’t understand it, how I had that car accident, and I had this marriage break up… it was all good, it’s all like this is perfect. This is how it’s supposed to be for me… And when we come from gratitude then we can say ok going forward, what is my view point? We can pre-determine then going forward. We can decide. We can have a different viewpoint going forward into our life from now on. And as we know with the microcosm of the body, just as we cast new energy into the cells, it changes them.

Who am I? Where did I come from? Where do I go? And what do I do? Universal questions Dr Mark Postles asks himself often. To give an overview Mark is attracted to the unorthodox, he values freedom and the beauty of nature. He believes we are going through a revolution right now, and that we are in very interesting times. Mark wonders what influence he can have on the world within the small context, relative to the whole. And he truly believes now more than ever is the time for gratitude.

His definition of Self Love is something around being total and essential with an identify we are a part of one and are interrelated in every aspect in life and the inanimate, the energy that flows through us and in us. We are all connected. Self is the microcosm, so we love ourself and therefore love the macrocosm. To look in and see the order and structure we are and the extrapolate that out into the bigger dynamics of the cosmos.

Mark thinks self is a metaphor it is not a thing. How we do ourself is how we do our world.

Mark explains what the innate wisdom is all about. By looking at your small fingernail you realise how intelligent the body is. How did it manifest, how does it express and know when to grow. There is an order within the simplest yet most complex of things. Of that phenomena you only have to hurt that small fingernail to know this is a sacred area that has it’s own intelligence at work supporting the whole.

Maybe we are like little fingernails in the scheme of things. The reality is we are part of the whole and the body would not be as amazing as it is without our fingernails. As we think of life and being here we realise there is a limitation to matter. What is the energy of life and death?

Our life force is within us and around us and intermingles all around us. There is an interplay between us and what might be called Universal intelligence which is the order and structure of things of stuff of the cosmos of relationships and natural laws we work within.

This podcast is about being in touch with that greater consciousness and the innate intelligence of all things.

Mark mentions Dr Bruce Lipton’s work where the cell wall mediates those vibrations and messages. We can choose a thought and the cells within our body will shift to that thought.

Live out of abundance and your purpose will become more obvious. Mark has a sense we come into this life form as a human being… the human part is our physical but the being… where was I when I was asleep? Who am I? What is self? Maybe this is the dream when we wake? What Mark believes is that we have an unlimited presence.

Mark sees the physical experience of this life as pretty low-level. Look at a newborn baby… it oozes attention. There is something that touches our heart. The baby is just there… it is a descending pathway. It is more being than it is human at that point. And as we grow and become more culturalized and our physical form takes more shape we can forget our being.

Some of us, not all of us, start to wake up to that and think you know what, there must be more than this, there must be more than just the physical stuff. More than skin, a bunch of money and having physical experiences and stuff. We start to wonder maybe there’s a part of me that I’ve forgotten about? So many of us are on this path back to learning about ourselves… and the first obstacle we come across is another person. The person we come in touch with is the person who bring us our shadow and brings us the areas we have ignored or brings us the areas we haven’t loved. And we haven’t infused with spirit. So that often is a big stumbling block and I’m sure many people can relate to this.

Mark explains being a victim to your circumstance or choosing to rise above it based on the meaning you put into that experience. He believes now more than ever the importance of finding time for gratitude and trusting it is all as it is meant to be. This will help to move forward with a different viewpoint. Casting new energy into the cells changes them. Gratitude changes our past and to rewrite our history.

We talk about the chiropractic approach to health and wellness with a vitalistic viewpoint. You plant a seed and don’t go back the next day to see it as a tree. You water it, feed it, and see over time that seed will grow into a beautiful unique form of vegetation. We discuss the differences of various modalities.

We talk centralised system vs decentralised systems.

This revolution we are in is challenging us to really question everything and look to this decentralised system. This is a beautiful system that will allow us to develop for the next level of consciousness.

His favourite quote is from Woody Allan 90% of success in life is in just showing up. Just show up, be you, be yourself unashamedly. Be transparent. You are the only one of YOU. So, celebrate that uniqueness and lean in and allow things to occur as they naturally unfold.

Marks final message is there’s nothing to change. There is nothing to change in your body or mind. It is absolutely perfect right now.

During his 45 years of chiropractic practice Mark has provided hundreds of thousands of people with high quality wellness-oriented care. He has operated a number of successful family wellness focused practices throughout Australia, inspired over 100 people to become chiropractors. Mark serves his profession in numerous capacities from teaching, coaching and board of trustees positions of chiropractic colleges.

Currently, as well as being a highly inspirational practice coach and mentor to chiropractors worldwide, Mark is actively in practice in Queensland where he has a busy family wellness practice.

Mark has a profound curiosity for human beings and how they tick. He is the developer of the in8model®, an instrument of understanding how people do the behaviours that they do and get the results that they get. The in8model® book is an easily understood manual on how to easily play the game of life.

Mark’s mission is to empower people to access their authentic self. He inspires people to be more of who they can be by accepting the perfection of who they are right now. The message of innate perfection is a welcome message of hope in these challenging times.

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