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Isn’t interesting when someone generously says: You look beautiful; your hair looks fantastic; nice write-up in the paper; that was very kind of you; or great job that often we give that humble knee-jerk response to avoid the compliment or deflect it toward someone else. Why is it so hard to just say Thankyou?

As a child we are taught not to show off or brag too much about our accomplishments. There seems to be this fine line between confidence and arrogance. And often this trickles well into our adult years. However, learning to stand up for yourself honestly by graciously accepting a compliment with a simple thank-you, helps remind us of our special abilities and innate creativity.

Praise is fantastic. We all love to give it. But if everyone responds the same by not accepting it, then who exactly is receiving this praise? You are probably aware of when this may have happened recently. You tell a girlfriend when you are going out how beautiful she looks. Does a typical response go something like this… Yeah pity about the boobs though; shame about the hair; not bad for cheap shop purchase; bummer about the bum underneath; wish I could have got the dress I really wanted; you look heaps better… the list is endless isn’t it!

How do you feel when she responds like this? Is she fishing for another compliment? Does she genuinely believe she does not look beautiful? Why did you even bother saying it? Wouldn’t it be nice if she just said thankyou!

The question now is how do YOU respond to compliments and praise?

It can be a hard habit to break this one so you need to become very aware of it. Just listen to conversations over the next few days and watch how people respond to a nice compliment or praise. And most importantly listen to yourself. If you can break the habit with you it may just be the catalyst to make others follow suit.

Feeling good about ourselves because of genuine praise will inspire us to freely compliment others to make them feel good too. It’s the ripple effect! And there is no doubt the positive energy that is generated can fuel many happy moments down the road – this is especially great to get us through those in-between times.

Go on… say it… next time someone says something nice about you just say thankyou!

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