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There is no doubt a happy, healthy, vibrant life includes regular movement. People who consistently exercise tend to have more energy, sleep better, have less health issues with more happy hormones running through their body. They emit a radiance that is alluring and easy to be around. Their skin tends to be clear and no matter what their age, size or hair color they appear more positive. Here are 5 of my most favourite essential oils I use to move my body!

Let’s go back a little… why is it so many people struggle to exercise on a regular basis? Perhaps the focus should be less on ‘having’ to exercise and more around appreciation. Being grateful for what the body can do, for the fact it can move. It is not until we are sick, injured or disabled that we realize how precious the ability to move actually is.

What if the next time we exercise we do it with intention, we focus on the fact the body is a beautiful temple and we honor the fact we are moving it. It’s another way of saying we are worth it. It doesn’t have to mean running a marathon or going to a one-hour gym class. Regular movement can be appreciating a gentle walk, a dance class or gardening.

Essential oils have wonderful properties that can give us a lift, a pep-up, a touch more energy and can anchor in the positive feeling exercise creates. The next time you feel the urge to move your body and give it the thanks it deserves, try any one of these 5 oils.

You can use them in a spritzer by filling a 50ml bottle with water and adding 6 drops in total, shake the bottle then spritz it around your head inhaling deeply.  You can place one drop of your chosen oil on a tissue, inhale it slowly and then place it inside your top as you head out the door. You can even use them in a diffuser to create a more positive ambience or 6 drops in total in a bath with a cup of magnesium salts to ease your muscles.

Geranium is a great oil to help balance emotions and instill a sense of positivity. It helps alleviate mood swings, restore calm to the mind and body post exercise and enhance general feelings of wellbeing.

Lavender is the most versatile of all oils. It has many therapeutic properties that help calm the body and mind. Known for its ability to reduce stress and tension this can also help increase energy levels. The perfect oil to blend with peppermint after exercise, in a massage blend or bath.

Grapefruit is one of the most uplifting and refreshing oils. It helps to ease aching muscles, eliminate toxins and its powerful stimulating properties help to enhance a sense of hope, happiness and clarity. This oils is especially good with lavender and peppermint for a muscle ease blend.

Peppermint as you can see is a refreshing and uplifting oil. It is wonderful to help reduce mental fatigue and improve concentration. This oil seriously awakens the mind and senses. Adding a drop or two in your shower gel is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system and awaken the mind.

Lemon oil is a wonderful pep-me-up oil! It is excellent in helping to relieve anxiety, which can stop you from wanting to exercise. It is refreshing, inspiring and clearing. A few drops of this onto a tissue can do wonders for a fatigued mind and stressed out body.

So here’s the goal, within the next 24hours commit to moving your body, honour the privilege and give yourself a beautiful boost using any of these oils on their own or together. Essential oils will add to a more positive exercise experience long term.

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