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‘It is a value question. And we do find money for the things we value.  There’s no question about it. And you know as many, many years as a single mum with four kids we always at organic food. And I hear people say ‘but how did you afford that?’ Questioning that. And I said ‘well we bought all our clothes second hand in op shops and I drive an old car. The thing that I valued was the priority and I think that for the mothers that are listening they will know that if your child needs something, you find the money.’

Has hearing someone else’s story ever impacted you to such an extent that it changed your life? Edwina Murphy-Droomer had such a moment in 2018 when she travelled to the USA to attend a conference put on by her coach where she got to hear the stories of six women with phenomenal success in their business. A seed was planted and a year later her vision came true when she was invited to be on stage as one of the success stories. You will not want to miss this podcast.

Edwina originally trained in health and wellness and wanted to share her knowledge as a practitioner and health coach. It was a naturopath who helped to change the course of Edwina’s life when she was young. This pivotal moment set her on the path to become a Naturopath and she also completed Cyndi O’Meara’s Nutrition Academy program. She knew she wanted to empower women to take care of their own health and make their wellbeing a priority.

As you will hear in this interview Edwina also noticed she had always relied on other people’s opinions and insights to make big decisions. It was realising the call to be an entrepreneur herself, to do the thing she wanted most, that became a decision that took her to that conference in the USA and has been part of her success formula ever since.

Edwina has a deep understanding of what it means to truly BLOSSOM. Like many women, Edwina’s metamorphosis sprung from her darkest hour as suddenly single, broke mother with four children, to leading a full-colour life of love, prosperity and freedom.

Edwina is a powerhouse in the fields of vision building and transformation. She has supported thousands of women to create an exciting vision for the life they want to live and then provides the support and accountability to bring that vision to life.

Her own vision was huge. And to be an entrepreneur it is almost like you ‘can’t NOT’ chase your dream and do it! Being so driven and wanting to teach about nutrition and food, using the power of transformation was the starting driver, and this has grown into sharing wisdom and women’s stories. It is the vision and desire to do the things she wants to do and it being so strong that pulls her forward.

She believes that finding your passion in being in service of others and knowing how you can pass that wisdom onto other people it what can become addictive. Making a difference in people’s lives literally becomes an addiction.

Edwina has always made a difference by following her heart, and she has chosen to do the things she needs to, to make those big dreams come true.

Sitting in that audience in the USA listening to the phenomenal female entrepreneurs at that conference share their very real stories was what sparked her desire to launch something quite extraordinary herself.

She believes many women have accumulated knowledge throughout their lives. And she decided to launch the Phenomenal Feminine Entrepreneurs Summit. She had to find 21 women to share their stories. She wanted to gather these women across the world and share their stories all of which have turned out so powerful, inspiring and full of wisdom.

Anyone who listens to the interviews of this Phenomenal Feminine Entrepreneurs Summit and reads the book will experience something very unique and you will get a sense you feel a part of every story. She wants to plant the seeds of possibility into the hearts and minds of all women on the planet through these interviews.

Lovely Edwina also shares what things would mean a rich and prosperous life to her and hopes to ignite you to ask the question of yourself.

Her definition of self-love is, One of my values is responsibility. And personal responsibility, I am 100% responsible for myself, my health, my happiness. Self-love is an act of responsibility to me being the best version of myself.

Her one message of advice is that you are enough right now in this very moment. You are perfect you are beautiful. If you don’t love your life, it’s time to sit down and create a vision of what you would like your life to be. Start with yourself. Note how you are feeling. Plant your feet on the grass, look up at the sky and breathe in what mother nature has provided. Put a high vibration into your body. Listening to things that lift your vibration and create a vision for the life you want to be living.

Favourite quote is by Edwina in her book:

The truth is, your beliefs are either a ball and chain around your ankles or the seeds that bloom into a beautiful life.

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