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‘The way I’m feeling now, I’m not feeling any better whatsoever, something has to change, something hasn’t changed. I’m not saying I’m going to disregard the grieving period of course, that’s an infinite time frame, there’s no real time frame for that. But what I knew was I had to get some goals in place. I had to get some plans. I had to get an action plan. I needed to get some routine and some rituals back into place immediately. I needed to just get back into the gym. I needed to get back eating, doing all the things I was doing prior that got me to a position where it just got me through the day. I needed to go back and simplify my life Kim.’

The impact of losing his brother and two close clients within a short period of time was so great that Leon has dedicated his life to suicide prevention. After his brother’s death nine years ago, Leon found himself at a crossroads with his own mental health. He has since become an advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention and actively coaches, counsels and inspires others through his business Body By Leon. A beautiful podcast with an extraordinary soul.

Leon Stensholm started body building in 2001 after suffering a number of injuries that would end his promising soccer career. It quickly transpired that what Leon lacked in muscle, was made up for in spades by the sheer grit and determination he focussed on his new sport.

Committed to natural body building Leon has now been participating in the sport for the past 18 years with multiple Australian and Australasia titles to his name. During this time, he has competed over 65 times, coached hundreds of clients with over 100 first places and multiple pro cards awarded.

Six years ago, following the suicide of his best mate and brother Dean, Leon decided to pursue his dreams and founded Bodybyleon Coaching and Personal Training. So committed to helping people to totally transform their body and mind Leon has also completed a Diploma in Counselling and written his first book, ‘It`s how you think’.

Leon operates from his gym where he trains, mentors and coaches’ clients, in one on one sessions that are individually designed for each client and completely private.

These closed training sessions are perfect for sports athletes and clients with public profiles seeking privacy and confidentiality when working out. Leon works with a wide range of clients, all with their own unique goals, from professional athletes to everyday people looking to achieve their personal health goals. Leon is particularly passionate about working with those who suffer from mental health concerns and gives his time freely to work in the community on suicide prevention, as part of The Alliance for suicide Prevention.

In order to get the best out of people Leon uses cognitive behavioural therapy methods and provides a framework in which they can work towards achieving goals and transform their life.

Leon is a passionate, energetic speaker whose enthusiasm and love for life is incredibly contagious. He engages and connects easily with all types of people and leaves his audiences energised and motivated.

In this podcast we talk about the importance of moving. There is no happiness coming your way without movement. This is where we release dopamine and endorphins. There is a power in exercising post grieving. It is about getting routine in place.

Suicide is happening everywhere. It’s up 9% on the Sunshine Coast. I need to stand up but I need to be stronger. Leon has leanred that being vulnerable is like going to confession, it’s super powerful. And we have to remember when your glass is full you have endless energy to give.

Reach out and have the conversation.

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Definition of self-love is that you cannot love anyone much if you don’t love yourself first. I’m big on the analogy of mask on plane. Invest in yourself first and foremost. Do my gratitude, meditation, write in journal, my music… I do it every single day. It provides endless love for me to give to others. When you fill your glass up so strong and it’s over-flowing you then have endless love to give.

Leon shares his love of music and Stephen Bradbury who wrote the fore-word to his book.

Leon’s favourite quote is:

Be kind – it’s free

Final message – remember things get better, it might sound cliché but they do with the required help and support. Just please reach out. Faith has that ability to know everything will be ok. Faith is free and the one thing you can hang on to. And it’s going to be ok.

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