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For many, this crazy time we find ourselves in; the lock downs, isolation and separation, is the realisation that it could be our way for some time yet. Perhaps now more than ever is a time to focus on the positives that remain, a time to go within and take some time to invest into your precious self. It is also a chance for gratitude and transformation, the possible discovery for higher potential. It can also be a chance to take a moment to be grateful for all that you have and all that you are.

A fresh perspective also gives an opportunity to create new dreams. It could be a physical transformation like a room makeover. Or it could be a planned dream holiday – maybe in five years time! It could be a weight-loss or body transformation. Or it could be a goal to start a new course of study, a family or that new business you’ve been thinking about.

Whatever you wish for as the rest of this year or as the pandemic unfolds, it’s a treat to know we have a special tool up our sleeve in the form of essential oils. These beautiful gifts from nature can help to bring a beautiful sense of calm and balance, inspiration and motivation.

One thing to keep in mind no matter what, is not everything is cancelled.

Sunshine is not cancelled

Spring is not cancelled

Love is not cancelled

Relationships are not cancelled

Reading is not cancelled

Naps are not cancelled

Devotion is not cancelled

Music is not cancelled

Dancing is not cancelled

Imagination is not cancelled

Kindness is not cancelled

Conversation are not cancelled

Hope is not cancelled.

I feel honoured to share two very special blends that I created around the power of gratitude and transformation. These blends have been designed for your diffuser. When it comes to choosing your own essential oils to express your gratitude and create change you could look at the following oil combinations as a guide and then feel free to experiment and create the blend that is right for you.

Gratitude Blend

Bergamot – 2 drops

Sandalwood – 2 drops

Grapefruit – 3 drops

Ylang Ylang – 1 drop

Pine – 2 drops

Bergamot is a light, sweet, citrusy oil that is uplifting, refreshing and a wonderful joy enhancer; Sandalwood, a beautiful woody oil that is incredibly grounding and calming with empowering and strengthening qualities; Ylang Ylang is an intoxicating oil that you only need a few drops to make a big impact, it is calming and relaxing, tranquillising and very sensual; Grapefruit is the oil for positivity, focus, clarity and trust; and Pine is for increased confidence, inspiration, stronger intuition and for enhanced worthiness.

Remember gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

If it is transformation you are seeking then here is a wonderful combination of oils that could help you transition and grow into a better, stronger and even more capable soul.

Transformation Blend

Frankincense – 2 drops

Orange – 3 drops

Lemongrass – 1 drop

Thyme – 2 drops

Geranium – 2 drops

Frankincense is the oil to help enhance your sense of faith, increase your clarity and bring wisdom, peace, enlightenment and protection; Orange is uplifting and radiating, it is the ideal oil for celebration and a very happy oil to round your blend; Lemongrass is for endurance, enthusiasm, vitality and energy, it is refreshing and cleansing; Thyme is energizing and healing, it is the oil for warmth, adaptability, clarity and focus; and Geranium is the best oil for change, transitioning, harmony, balance and a enhancing a strong sense of calm.

Remember you and I possess within ourselves – at every moment of our lives, under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of our lives. Knowing that, is what the work is all about.

You can also use these oils or combination of oils in a spritzer bottle, massage blend, body boost blend, inhalation and bath too. But my favourite is the Diffuser!

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