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Today we celebrate 100 shows on the Self Love Podcast and I cannot thank you enough for being a part of the ride. After almost 7 years of podcasting and almost 400 shows with the beautiful Carren Smith and Cyndi O’Meara on the Up For A Chat show it brings me huge pleasure to share this milestone with you.

I know self-love may seem the strangest of topics or discussions to want to follow. But it is my experience and in writing The Art Of Self Love book that without a healthy amount of self-regard, self-care and mostly self-love, then we are missing out on the greatest reservoir of inner resources available to human kind.

I love this quote by Rajneesh.

Celebration is without any cause. Celebration is simply because we are. We are made out of the stuff called celebration.That’s our natural state – to celebrate – as natural as it is for the trees to bloom, for birds to sing, for rivers to flow to the ocean. Celebration is a natural state.

Today I celebrate the show and I celebrate you. We may only get around 5,000 downloads but it is each one of you that makes this show special. My greatest wish is that it speaks to those of you who listen and it is relative enough for you to want to share it with those you thin could benefit too.

One of my greatest passions is interviewing people, sharing their incredible stories and understanding what they have within them, what they do to get up, over, out and through the challenges in life and how they continue to show up for themselves and others. To me this is the real juice of life, the real magic. And thanks to Twenty8 Essentials and The Wellness Couch I get to share this with YOU!

One of the greatest ways to understand the impact of a little show like this is to understand the Law of Precession.

The law states that the Sun and the Earth are both bodies in motion. Despite the 180 degree gravitational pull of the in-motion Sun upon the in-motion Earth, precession makes Earth orbit around the Sun in a direction that is at ninety degrees- i.e., at a right angle-to the direction of the Sun’s gravitational pull.

Similarly, if we drop a stone into water, we get the ripples going out at ninety degree’s to the direction of the dropped stone.

This is better described by Dr Buckminster Fuller and one of his favourite stories regarding precession was the story of the honey-bee. Seemingly inadvertently, the honey-bee goes about his business of gathering honey. Precessionally, at ninety degree’s to his body and his flight path, his legs gather pollen from one flower and “accidentally “ take this pollen to the next flower, resulting in cross pollination. The outcome of this seemingly inadvertent accidental activity is that the bee contributes enormously to life on earth. Of the 100 crop species that provide 90 per cent of the world’s food, over 70 are pollinated by bees.

Back to the Law of Precession, it simply states that for every action we take, there will be a side effect. We don’t know what the side effect will be, just like the honeybee doesn’t know the side effect of making honey, but there’s always a side effect. Every cause has an effect.

Bucky’s favorite example of defining precession is that of the honeybee above. You know what the honeybee is, but you may not know that honeybees are vital to many ecosystems on earth. If they ever become extinct, humankind would soon follow.

The purpose of the honeybee is cross-pollination and the sustenance of life on earth. The honeybee doesn’t know that, but the universal purpose of the honeybee is cross-pollination. All the honeybee knows is they are making honey, but as a result, they make more flowers at the same time.

Do you think they know their true purpose and do you think that they are driven to save the world by making honey? I don’t think so. They are only drawn towards making the honey and going back to the hive, but as they move from flower to flower, their body and their legs accidentally gather pollen, which then results in cross-pollination and fertilization of more flowers.

So the question I ask in this week’s podcast is what is your true purpose?

I ask myself what is the purpose of the Self Love Podcast? And to be honest my purpose is to share remarkable stories, people, oils, tips and ideas around taking care of the most important asset you have and that is your health and a purposeful life for YOU!

I hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as I am. High fives to us!

THANKYOU FOR LISTENING… If you would like to share your feedback on this podcast please head to my Facebook and Instagram pages below. Thanks so much if you take the time to give me a 5-star rating on iTunes so that others find this podcast easily and I sincerely appreciate all of your feedback and comments. It makes it all worthwhile as I know this podcast can plant a seed where big things can indeed grow!


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