Show Notes

‘What if you could receive compliments with ease and just say two words when someone comments on how great you look or what a great job you have done? Avoid throwing the compliment back in their face by seeking another or dismissing it altogether. Those two words are simple – THANK YOU!’

Everywhere I go the two biggest excuses I hear why people cannot take care of themselves, or treat themselves, or do something nice for themselves is that they do not have enough time or money. And given today’s fast-paced world and money pressures it is easy to accept these are valid excuses.

But I disagree. I believe the reason people neglect their self-care is not a lack of time or money: it is simpler than that. It is because they have not made themselves a priority.

In today’s podcast, I share a couple of quick stories in how people can turn this ‘martyr way of thinking’ into something way more positive. I believe through this simple mindset shift we can become great role models, not supermodels, not only for our kids, partner, family and friends but most importantly, for ourselves.

The most important asset you have your whole life is your health. However, many put the needs of others before themselves and often.

Your health and wellbeing should be your top priority. Whether that is buying healthy food, doing a sport that makes you feel good about your body or investing into the help that you may need at various times in your life – be it medical or for the heart – don’t let excuses get in your way.

It is your life – and you deserve the best.

If you are operating at your best, at ‘optimum levels’, you will be much more able to help others and take care of their needs too.

That’s why self-care is not selfish – it’s essential.


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