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STNH 23: Caitlin Cady – Meditation, perfectionism, and overcoming the resistance to being still

Episode 23
22, Feb, 2021
}59 Minutes

Show Notes

Caitlin Cady is an absolute powerhouse of a woman whose CV kinda reads like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

On one hand, she’s a driven business person who owns two nightclubs and has been known to listen to gangster rap. On the other hand, she exudes a calm radiance, is a devoted yogi, and has been described as “spiritual AF.” She has a beautiful, heart-centred business that’s all about getting people to meditate regularly. She makes meditation accessible, enjoyable… and dare I say it… fashionable. (Ahem – just ask her about her super cute line of clothing.) Most of all, she’s now a published writer of a fabulous book, “Heavily Meditated.”

In this episode we chat about:

  • What meditation is… and what it isn’t (“There are so many myths around it – that you need a calm mind… that you need to stop thinking”).
  • How meditation helped Caitlin heal from a serious chronic illness… and also “chronic perfectionism.”
  • Why driven women need meditation, and how we can teach ourselves to stop and ACTUALLY do it!
  • Overcoming the resistance to sit still and get it done.
  • How to carve out space for stillness, even when you have kids (and how to be a role model for self care).
  • How to show up, let go and embrace your practice, even when it’s messy, wonky and not perfect.

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