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SHY 17: Cinzia Cozzolino (aka Nutrition Darling) – The smoothie goddess with a real food philosophy

Episode 17
07, Sep, 2016
}55 Minutes

Show Notes

Meet Cinzia Cozzolino, aka Nutrition Darling – a qualified nutritionist and healthy food entrepreneur.

Growing up in an Italian family, she has real food and home-style cooking etched into her DNA. But after living the rock n’ roll lifestyle for many years, Cinzia had an awakening when it came to her health. She did a complete 180 and went off to study nutrition as a single mum at age 39 (wow!).

After graduating and working in private practice at a gym, she was again drawn back to the kitchen, where she found her happy place making delicious healthy food for the masses.

Cinzia brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table in this chat.

Find out her hot tips for raising healthy kids and navigating the (often rebellious and experimental!) teenage years.

Listen to her “no stress” philosophy and traditional outlook when it comes to real food culture.

Get her take on food fads, superfoods and extreme diets.

Cinzia also has an exciting new product out (that’s been years in development!) called Smoothie Bombs. It’s going to revolutionise the way you make your healthy breakfast smoothie – it’s totally awesome!

Want to know more? Head to to get the lowdown.

You’ll also find Cinzia on Instagram at:


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