Show Notes

Rhiannon Hardingham has become a leader in her field of all things fertility, reproductive health and IVF support. I’ve been super excited to watch her go from strength to strength, because we actually went to college together, 20 years ago. (Yep – 20 years!). She’s a naturopath, and she had one of the brightest minds in our year level (pretty sure she shat all over me in biochemistry). She’s gone on to become a clinician and also a speaker and author in her niche. So I thought she’d be the perfect person to speak to about navigating reproductive health in a post pandemic world.

In this episode we will cover:

  • How the pandemic has affected fertility and IVF treatment.
  • The effects of stress on reproductive health.
  • How to address anxiety during IVF.
  • The effect that Covid infection is having on male fertility (don’t miss this – it’s actually kinda scary!).
  • Why sperm count rates have halved in the last 40 years.
  • The different types of semen analysis (and why you want a high quality one).
  • Supplements to support male fertility.
  • Rhiannon’s favourite immune boosting herb that you can take alongside IVF treatment.

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