Show Notes

Rebecca Edwards is so awesome that she will be joining us for 3 whole episodes. When we were teeing up an interview, there were literally SO MANY amazing topics being thrown around that we couldn’t choose just one.

Rebecca is a speaker, writer, educator, and qualified naturopath. She has more than fifteen years of experience educating on all aspects of complementary and integrative health. She has lectured to undergraduate students in Australia, the UK, and the US, and delivered naturopathic education to healthcare practitioners all round the world. She is also the Director of Education at Activated Probiotics, so she’s across all the latest studies and research.

She is also a complete microbiome nerd, and passionate about educating people about all the far-reaching effects a healthy, or an unhealthy microbiome can have on the human body.

So over 3 episodes we will be exploring 3 health issues that can be affected by a poor microbiome, and we’ll talk about the latest research in how to manage them.

This week’s topic is iron deficiency, especially in women. 

Low iron is something that both doctors and naturopaths/nutritionists see a LOT of in clinic. And often, despite giving high doses of iron supplements, levels simply do not budge. It’s so frustrating!

So… is it just about finding the “right” type of iron to give to the patient? Or is there something else going on?

Enter Rebecca and her incredible knowledge of the biochemistry of iron absorption, and the role of the microbiome (and targeted probiotic therapy) in helping turn the deficiency state around.

WARNING: This episode is pretty heavy on the tech side of things, (including a built-in biochemistry lesson, which plays out like a Disney movie!). So keep a pen and paper handy and switch off your other devices, so that you can pay this one your full attention.

(And practitioners – I KNOW you’re going to love this one – so many clinical pearls in there!).
A huge thanks to Activated Probiotics for sponsoring this episode.

You can find out more about them (and see the results of Rebecca’s great work) by visiting Their Instagram is here and their Facebook page is here.
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