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SHY 14: Lunch Lady Lou – Bringing healthy food to busy city women

Episode 14
17, Aug, 2016
}50 Minutes

Show Notes

Meet Linda Ellis (aka Lunch Lady Lou) – she is singlehandedly attempting to change the way that office workers do lunch in Sydney.

Although she grew up in a household that cooked meals from scratch, she didn’t develop an interest in food until much later. After a stint working in a busy office, she discovered her new tag “The Healthy Salad Maker” and the rest just grew from there.

Having left the busy corporate world behind, she now delivers healthy lunches throughout the Sydney CBD, to a cult following of hungry workers.

But like any of my Shiny Healthy You guests, there’s more to this story than just a yarn about healthy food. Listen to Lou as she chats about her run in with cancer, and the change in her mindset that ensued (and the weird and wonderful speed bumps along the way!).

Listen to her recount how she drew on her overseas trips for food inspiration, and the shift in perspective that came from comparing other food cultures to our own.

If you love to “nerd out” on food, hit play, sit back and enjoy!

Some of the quotes throughout this episode are pure GOLD!

“Eat this, it’s full of flavour, it’s made with love, and gonna make you smile.”
“I just believe everyone should cook with love.”
“You will feel like sunshine is coming out of you.”
“Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t like kale.”


If you want to feel inspired about healthy, nutrient-rich food, this is your go-to girl!

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