Show Notes

This week I speak with Irena Macri – author of Eat Drink Paleo and creator of The Happy Body Formula program.

Irena was one of the first recipe creators to hit the paleo scene and her food is easy to make, delicious and non-pretentious.

We talk about:

What it means to be 80/20 paleo (rather than 100% strict) and why having a cupcake shouldn’t be seen as a failure.

Which non-paleo foods she eats (shock horror!) and why.

The benefits of paleo and how it may improve not only your physical health, but your mental/emotional health as well.

Discover her “go-to” ingredients in the kitchen to bring out the natural flavours in healthy food.

Learn how to throw together super fast and simple dinners, with only a few ingredients.

Listen to her thoughts on work/life balance and why getting outdoors is good for the soul.

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