Show Notes

Meet Tracey Fry and Joanne Ling – a couple of Aussie mums who’ve eliminated chemicals from their homes for the sake of their children’s health. Known as Sistermixin’, their business helps women everywhere to cut out the crap from their lives and learn to cook simple family-friendly wholefood meals, without the nasty additives.

Find out what why they blazed their own trail, even when the doctors said “there’s nothing to worry about.”

Learn which additives are the worst ones to look out for when it comes to kids, and how their health can be affected.

Be moved by Joanne’s story of her near breakdown when she became overwhelmed by her children’s behavioural issues.

Have a giggle at Tracey’s “Holy Shitballs” moment when she read the ingredients in a box of BBQ Shapes.

Get hot tips on how to “convert” your kids to healthy food – even when they’ve grown up with junk food all their lives.

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