Show Notes

Warning: Listening to this podcast may make you hungry!


Meet Lisa Corfuff – a passionate advocate for real food and wholefood eating. 


Lisa has made the switch from a standard Australian diet of processed foods and takeaway, to a nourishing wholefood way of living – and she wants to help you do it too!


Together we talk about the overwhelm that can set in when making the change to healthier foods. We discuss strategies for avoiding the guilt, anxiety and paralysis that can stop us from moving forward, and she gives some excellent advice for doing it all on a budget.


We talk about how to serve your body after years of pregnancy and breastfeeding, how to get kids to eat veggies, and how to make food fun again. 


This episode is FULL of quotes that are sheer gold! 


“Stress is going to trump everything – even if you’ve had the healthiest food, you’re not going to digest it.”


“Most of my stuff is freakin’ unfancy… but it’s real.”


and my favourite: “I don’t know what the frigg a Burger Ring actually is.”


Lisa minces organic meat, but not her words. 


Want to know more? Check out her website at, or follow her on Facebook at @LisaCorduffHealthCoach.