Show Notes

Meet Damian Kristof – chiropractor, naturopath, podcaster and multi-passionate wellness entrepreneur. This bloke has spent years immersing himself in research and cutting edge studies, leaving no stone unturned, and this week I’m stoked to be picking his brain about natural health and wellness.

In this episode we discuss the difference between disease and dis-ease and why natural therapists treat the whole person rather than actual illnesses.

We talk about what’s wrong with applying the current medical model of clinical trials to chiropractic care, and why we can never use this research system to prove that chiropractic treatment works.

We discuss the advantages of chiropractic care, and look at who might benefit from treatment.

Find out the different causes of stress, how it affects the body and how this can all lead to adrenal fatigue.

Learn how to balance the body with nutrition during times of stress. (Hot tip: You might not even have to cut out caffeine… it could be as simple as looking at WHEN you have your coffee instead!)

We also talk about breakfast cereals (Damo makes his own brand of muesli and porridge!) and what makes a good gluten free brekky.

Get ready for an episode FULL of juicy information from one of the brightest minds in the biz!

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