Show Notes

Brace yourself for 45 minutes of Excessive Happiness.

Meet Emma and Carla Papas – health and happiness bloggers, wholefood recipe developers, talented podcasters and real life sisters.

Listen to their story as they take you from low calorie and low fat living (and the disastrous health consequences) to eating a vibrant, abundant diet FULL of exciting, nutrient-rich options.

Find out their views on body image, thigh gaps, and why comparing ourselves to others takes away our joy.

Discover their secret soft drink addiction, and how they banished it for good.

Find out why they gave paleo the flick (and nearly broke the internet!).

In this podcast, we leave no stone unturned. We even delve into the world of mindfulness and even a little woo woo spirituality, and the girls share how it helps them in business and in life.

Welcome to 45 minutes where we bring the focus back to BLISS:
What makes YOU happy?
How can you feel more supported in your choices?
How can you enjoy the transition to healthy living, rather than putting pressure on yourself to reach a desired goal?

These girls will show you that the joy lies in the journey, not the destination. Why wait until you’ve hit your goal? You deserve to be happy NOW.

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