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AQJ 137: Fussy Eaters & How to Have Peaceful Mealtimes

Episode 137
26, Apr, 2019
}63 Minutes

Show Notes

Do you have a fussy eater in your home? Need some help?

Beth Bonfiglio of Little Fusspot helps people from all over the world with mealtimes that are less than peaceful. She is known as the ‘supernanny of mealtimes’! Beth brings the core fundamentals of many different professions together to make a one stop shop for all types of fussy eaters, from the extreme to the simply reluctant.

Beth completed her clinical nutrition qualifications in 2012, then began creating 1 on 1 therapy workshops, perfecting her courses, and eliminating advice that is now redundant or counterproductive to raising happy and healthy children. She is always interested in learning new techniques and approaches to tackling fussy eating, and says that her constant research and development means that her methods are always evolving, constantly updated and shared among a supportive community with the same goal of “making every bite count”.

Beth’s main motivation for learning all there is around food aversions and feeding disorders is her own son. He was diagnosed with a severe sensory processing disorder when he was 2 and has always struggled with any foods other than beige and white carbohydrates that come in packaging. She sets small goals each month and uses her own techniques to stretch the range of food he eats. He now happily enjoys colourful salads, sushi (massive accomplishment!), green juices and smoothies!

“I’m passionate about being able to help every child who has aversions to eating. More than anything though, it is the success of every child that makes my job as a feeding therapist such a rewarding one.”

Listen in and learn about:
· Particular foods that are known to cause fussy eating
· Sensory processing disorder and how to overcome it
· Common questions like, “Will my child eat broccoli if I serve it up 20 times?”
· How to avoid having a fussy eater
· Picky eaters VS problem feeders
· When to get professional help

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