Show Notes

Dr Maria Zuschmann (Integrative Chiropractor, Podcaster, Facilitator, Stress Adaptation & Performance Coach) or Dr M as she is affectionately known, has a passion for helping our community to feel and function better in all aspects of their lives and help them identify and remove interferences that are holding them back from their goals and achieving their full potential in their own unique way.

Dr M speaks and teaches with humour, and warmth and realness whilst having the amazing ability to make what may seem complex, easy with simple action steps to help your life to the next level. She has been in the Health, Wellness & Performance industry for over 25 years.

Outside of her hands on work in her Chiropractic practice she is a sought after speaker and facilitated 100’s of wellness workshops over the last 17 years & Dr M’s original weekly Podcast series with 125 episodes “Be The Queen of Your Stress” was rated #1 Stress Podcast on Feedspot. Dr M’s all new podcast Aligned U continues to focus on how best to adapt to stress so you truly can be aligned in your body, head & heart to reach your full potential in your own unique way. Dr M released her debut book “Align – Be the Queen of Your Stress” in 2019.

Dr M has mentored other business owners around Australia and is an award-winning Business Woman and has been engaged as a keynote speaker and facilitator nationally.

To listen to the Aligned U Podcast go to iTunes or Spotify, to follow here on Insta go to Aligned.U or drmariaz or to join her FB group request to join the Aligned U Collective”