Show Notes

In this episode Barbara explains Human Design as the key to knowing ourselves and to helping women recognise they are not broken, far from it, they are freaking amazing. Human Design helps us to Recognise that our frustrations and pain often come from trying to be like another, instead of loving our uniqueness (as per Human Design).

Barbara will demystify Human Design – a jargon-heavy complex system into a fun and easy to integrate tool to help you activate your soul further. We talk through the different energy types and personas and discover how much you can learn about yourself just based on the time and place you were born.

Barbara is an Irish girl who has made Australia her forever home. She is super passionate about helping women recognise they are not broken and in fact they are amazing. She has an infectious laugh and she loves bringing joy to all of her sessions. She had her own Spiritual Awakening after the birth of her two daughters and was soon catapulted onto a TV show doing live ‘psychic readings’ and whilst this was fun, there was something missing. This seeking called her deeper into the path of the Mystic and Intuitive and into the labyrinth of the subconscious.

For years Barbara tried to do business the way she thought she should (eh, closet control freak!) and it was ‘hard’ work. In 2019 she surrendered her business to the Universe and it kept bringing her back to Human Design, which she had tried hard to ignore. Since she has embraced and aligned with her own Human Design (she is a Projector) life and business have transformed and now they are super fun. She is super excited to gift this wisdom to other women on their seeking journey of discovering who they truly are. (for free Human Design reports)

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