Show Notes

If your corporate job isn’t lighting you up anymore and the thought of ‘sales’ makes you feel yucky – you are in the right place.
Tash Corbin is a business coach and mentor for women who are changing the world. Women who are opting out of the outdated patriarchal bricks and mortar paradigm – which was built by men for men, and redefining business – on their terms.
This episode is THE BOMB if you have, or want to have a business in the health and well-being industry. We will cover:

• The specific challenges of marketing as a health and wellness entrepreneur
• Why it’s OK to charge money for doing nice things in the world
• The importance of talking about your ‘tangible outcomes’
• Why it’s essential to niche when it comes to marketing
• Why the patriarchal corporate world tends not to work for women – with examples of why, and why it’s OK
• What stops women from moving ahead in their own business and what to do about it
• How to get your health biz off the ground quickly

Tash has a great free training called Fast Track your Start Up which you can access here:
I totally recommend joining Tash’s FB Group: Heart Centred Soul Driven Entrepreneurs. Here are her page links