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NTM 344: Tears, tantrums and school transitions

Episode 344
25, Jan, 2022
}35 Minutes

Show Notes

Big change results in big behaviors – your child’s and yours! In this episode we take you through our three main pillars (with an additional fourth!) for thriving through your child’s transitions. You don’t throw a pancake across the room unless you need to – as we’ll hear from Bridget’s story with her daughter.

In this episode we discuss
– Your child needing to borrow your safer nervous system
– when little brains get overwhelmed
– remembering it doesn’t matter what’s wrong, all that matters is your capacity to be with the moment (your regulation)
– when ‘bad behavior’ is functional
– they’re not giving you a hard time, they’re having a hard time
– what is nourishing to your nervous steam and what’s not?
– knowing when you’re already activated and when your system and perspective are already polarized
– structure to balance the spitfires
– nervous system nourishment in your space
– living a conscious life requires vision, practice, community and support

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