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NTM 334: School transitions in an era of uncertainty

Episode 334
16, Nov, 2021
}46 Minutes

Show Notes

As you and your child face a transition, either returning to school, beginning school, kinder or facing any other phase of change, how do you create certainty and safety for yourself and your child to have the best transitional experience possible?

In this episode we discuss gentle resilience-building strategies that help you to work with any fears your child might be experiencing, whilst also offering yourself grace around your own feelings.

We discuss:
– Establishing and meeting your child’s values
– Looking at how you can create meaningful and inspired experiences for them during transition
– Removing your own judgements and projections onto your child’s learning and interests
– Creating community to hold your child in their school experience beyond just you
– Recognising transitions for your child are an entangled process with your own feelings, and how to separate them
– Contemplating what you need to be in relationship with siblings still at home, while holding those children with big feelings
– Flipping ‘is my child ready?’ ‘Can the teacher meet their needs?’ into ‘Am I ready?’ ‘Can I meet their needs?’
– Navigating what your children need from you, and what you need to provide that
– Building resilience through separation
– Seeing conflict as meaningful

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