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NTM 333: Developing your inner storyteller to let your wisdom guide your child with Gill Howarth

Episode 333
09, Nov, 2021
}72 Minutes

Show Notes

From Albert Einstein to understanding self, in this episode we talk with storyweaver Gill Howarth on how you can use story to amplify your conscious parenting journey. If imagination comes before reality, then story is an essential ingredient – in order to manifest something, someone has to imagine it, so how are we developing our children’s capacity to imagine.

In this episode we explore:
– The magic healing, learning and growth through story
– Digging deeper than a story’s surface to extract more goodness
– Removing our own and or moral agendas, in favour of developing the whole child
– Story as a way to experience self and identity
– Not looking for ‘more conscious’ stories, instead applying consciousness to the story
– Developing or expanding how a story comes through you
– Telling your own stories that create connection and regulation with your children
– Story as a pathway into transition, transformation and rites of passage
– Exploring your own resistance to challenging themes

Gill Howarth is an Educational Changemaker, Researcher, Storyteller and Mother to 3 bright, beautiful and wild boys. An Early Childhood Educator with over 20 years of experience, Gill weaves her passions in story, creativity and yoga into her educational philosophy via programs, consults and courses via Born Wise. Honouring relationships and wellbeing, Gill practices a philosophy of Conscious Education.

Products: Guided Story & Meditations plus an Inner World Curriculum for children

Programs, Consults & Courses via Born Wise

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