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NTM 332: How to know your overwhelm is a problem and what to do about it with Sharon Joy

Episode 332
02, Nov, 2021
}68 Minutes

Show Notes

When is resting and femme energy maladaptive and actually costing you? Overwhelm can be part of a normal human experience AND it can also be an unconscious strategy to get our needs met. So lets chat with X Sharon Joy on how to understand, deprogram and move beyond your cycles of overwhelm.

In this episode we discuss:
– The habitual program of overwhelm
– Free flow versus freefall
– Falling in a heap with cycles of guilt that you feel unable to free yourself from
– Looking at our strategies of avoidance, scrolling, running our body into the ground and self-berating thought patterns
– Failure you manage small things manifests bigger things
– Cycles of catastrophising
– How to become aware of your pattern and how to move beyond it
– When we’re better at pulling out of the cycle, and when we’re not so good at it

Sharon Joy is a Business & Mindset Coach and Website Designer, coaching and creating websites for coaches, consultants, healers & spiritual women. She is the founder of Studio of Soul and has a background in educational leadership and marketing, previously working as the Australian Marketing Manager for a global lifestyle brand and Primary School Deputy Principal. She started her first business in 2018 and since then has had a number of entrepreneurial ventures. Sharon is a certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Time Based & EQ Therapist and Strategic Coach. She is a partner of the popular website platform Wix, reaching Icon Level. She is a Certified Soul Modes® Mentor and openly admits to being Reels obsessed. IG/FB links @sharonjoycoaching

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