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NTM 149: Interview with Sarah Chapman from Drama Rama Factory on improv and body movement

Episode 149
01, May, 2018
}72 Minutes

Show Notes

There’s a lot in this discussion! We move from being IN our body, to the edges of our comfort zone, to improv and the purpose of it in maintaining presence. Sarah has a flare for the dramatic arts and a huge ‘why’ behind helping kids develop and expand who they are and how they show up in the world… all of which has learnings for us too…follow the laughter and you’ll find yourself ‘playing’…..

Sarah Chapman is a true drama queen. She has been on stage since she was 5 and went on to obtain her Bachelor of Dramatic Art from the VCA. In 2009 she opened the Drama Rama Factory in Seaford, where she provides a safe space to create and nurture young artists. In 2017, Sarah finished her Masters of Teaching in Double Drama and looks forward to expanding her drama and performance school into an Arts Hub in the area.

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