Show Notes

How much does the home we grew up in, influence the homes we create for our own families? Quite a lot, as we find out with our guest, The Household Advisor Tara Arcobelli. With this awareness, comes the opportunity for our own liberation.

In this episode we discuss:
• The difference between ‘decluttering’ and holistic organisation and behavioural awareness.
• Understanding and unravelling the household imprint that pushes you into resentment and overwhelm.
• The common areas where many mothers struggle
• The division of labour and challenging gendered roles
• The value of home organisation in building the self-responsibility of each person in the home
• What it looks like to claim our liberation and who we might challenge in the process
• How structures and systems in the home create freedom
• Why we might prefer to hide in our overwhelm, and where that may stem from, so we can shift it

About Tara:

Tara Arcobelli is the Household Advisor, a holistic organisational and household behavioural change expert. Tara is drawn to homes, spaces and the environment that people live in.

Each day she works to better understand herself, her relationships, her home and spaces. Tara helps clients do the same.

Tara supports women to cultivate an environment that nourishes their soul by unpacking their household imprint (that is their generational patterns, beliefs, habits and behaviours).

Tara’s mission is to lead this generation of mothers out from under the weight of their homes.

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