Show Notes

Grab a tissue box, because Julie pretty much sobs her way through this one. In this episode we get to see just how much the birthing system, and women’s health is marginalised. We’ve previously danced around the topic of Julie’s vaginal prolapse, but in this episode we get raw, honest, nitty gritty and vulnerable in the lived experience of it.

In this episode we discuss:
– What marginalisation of women’s health actually looks like
– The lack of systemic support for women’s health and bodies
– How, often, the only way to healing, is privilege
– Women’s silence perpetuating shame, and the cycle of suppression
– Dealing with the lived experience of shame, silence and isolation
– Imagining a healthcare that centres women’s pelvic health
– The rehabilitation of women’s bodies
– Post-birth injury and healing
– The pervasive message around tight, perfect vaginas, that completely diminishes the physiological norm
– The permission to tell your story
– The impact on sexual health

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