Show Notes

Get your journal out, because this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Your mother wound reveals a narrative that allows you to live authentically or in reaction to old wounds. What we carry forward is, ultimately, up to us. It’s entirely possible to have now what you didn’t have back then, but only when you know what your imprint is, and how to heal it.

In this episode we discuss:
– What is your mother wound?
– What was missing for you?
– What do you work tirelessly to be or give your kids?
– What do you find challenging in parenthood?
– What do you find hard to give your kids?
– Moving beyond your story and pain
– Understanding the impact of your lineage and the stories the women before you have carried

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UNCOIL: Mapping your own mother wound and seeing wider
THE SPELL: Unveiling the “Perfect Mother Myth” that defines modern motherhood, with Sociologist Dr Sophie Brock
ANCHOR: The family dynamic and your inner mother
ARTFUL: Re-patterning your imprint for connection & freedom

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