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Today, with great pleasure, we interview Dr Anita Johnston, Ph.D., Author of Eating in the Light of the Moon – a book that has been hugely impactful for both Bridget and Julie on their journey of awakening the feminine, understanding our soul hunger and bringing compassion to our womanly body.  Dr Anita Johnston is an incredible voice of wisdom on a woman’s journey, reconciling her truth and the power of nourishing ourselves deeply from the wellspring of our internal, archetypal, mother.

A note of apology:  We’re really sorry to say that our audio recorded incorrectly and consequently the recorded feedback from this episode can be initially confronting to hear!  We really appreciate your patience in sinking beyond the initial irritation and listening to Dr Anita Johnston’s wisdom…twice….there are no accidents! 😉 

Anita Johnston, Ph.D., is a Psychologist and Author of Eating in the Light of the Moon, which has been published in six languages. She is the co-creator of the Light of the Moon Café, which offers online self-study courses and also interactive women’s support circle/courses for Eating in the Light of the Moon.

She has been working in the field of women’s issues and eating difficulties for over 35 years and is a thought leader in understanding the archetypal Feminine as it relates to struggles with eating and body image. She is currently the Clinical Director of Ai Pono Hawaii, which has a residential program on Maui and outpatient eating disorder programs in Honolulu and The Big Island of Hawaii.

Dr. Johnston provides individual consultations online, and conducts Soul Hunger workshops and professional trainings around the world, using metaphor and storytelling, along with her training as a clinical psychologist, to address the complex issues that underlie struggles with eating, weight, and body image.

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