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It was so gorgeous to connect in with Leo after many years. My first introduction to Leo was her “whipping” me into shape on the Gym floor. There was no hiding as she instructed the next exercise with clear expectations of effort, intensity and focus. Leo has leaned more and more into exploring and expressing the fullness of who she is. The conversation begins with a sojurn of Leo’s heart led engagement in life, following “love” into the unknown and then stepping deeper into “Love” as she explored a more intimate understanding of who she is. Through this journey, she witnessed the power of holding space and the critical skills of communication and connections.

Leo Blanke is a Relationship Therapist & Intimacy Coach. She is here to guide you on a journey of healing, self-discovery and personal growth. Her purpose is clear: to help you let go, find peace, surrender, and heal your sexual and relationship issues while cultivating deeper, more meaningful connections in your life because we all have a right to create the relationships we desire and deserve.

Leo loves guiding couples to deepen their connection and move from despair to repair through Couples Retreats, Events & working with people in person and online.

Her current offerings:
🌹COUPLES RETREAT ~ The Deepen Experience ~ Your journey to lasting Love, Healthy Relationships & Great Sex
🌹 The Language of Relationships Half Day Workshop ~ How to create secure relationships & end the cycle of conflict
✨ online Course coming in 2024
🌹 Couples Temple of Devotion ~ an evening to deepen intimacy & reignite passion for lasting love
🌹 …more Events launching soon…

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The intent for these recordings is to be unhomogenised and unpasteurised conversations that aligns with real life. The falling over words, the poise and challenge in moments to understand how to verbalise what’s wanting to come forward, is part of the realness of nutrient dense conversations. So, with that, I have to say I’m embracing and enjoying watching my own clunkiness as I explore my expression through this space. I hope you too hold space for yourself, friends, family, strangers yet to know and myself as we navigate enriched conversations on this journey.

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