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“One person’s chaos is another person’s playground” – James Greenshield

We’ll I’m back after a recalibration time for myself and I’m so stoked to launch with a second conversation with an incredible bloke.

I’m so honoured to be able to chat with this stella human being again. From my first connection with James about 10 years ago, as a guest presenter for “Grab Life By The Balls”, I’ve found him to be a beacon of inspiration and a demonstration of the Sacred Masculine. James had a massive career of 17 years in the Australian Army, training and leading over 100 men into Iraq. A roadside bomb exploding under his vehicle kicked him into a direction of a deep invitation to know himself. At the point of having a stellar career mapped out and a significant safety net (James articulates this as above him not below him) and reaching the opportunity to be promoted into the rank of Lieutenant Colonel he stepped away, but more so toward his place on the planet.

They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. This is so incredibly pertinent for myself as I’ve been experiencing a level of “Chaos” that to me has been unapparelled in my life. There have been many opportunities (and tears) to desperately want to escape my current experience (or perception of it), but there is a knowing that, sitting at the core there is a liberation beyond what I could manipulate from utilisation of old tools/programs. A liberation that creates a beautiful harmony within and ultimately expressed harmonically out. What James brings forward is what I would call the “gaps between the notes”, the place where true harmony abides. James has a way of looking behind the curtain and articulating in “real” language a way of seeing what has been unseen from our own vantage point.

In this episode we dive into another nutrient dense conversation on chaos, leadership, union between the form and formless and much more. For us to move forward as an individual and community it must start from a level of realness. So, let’s get real.

James is about to launch into an incredible three-month course on Harmonic Teams – Harmonic Leadership Program on the 14th of August 2024.

“Conflict is not the issue – So Don’t try and resolve it. The causal issue sits below the surface and the symptom is the conflict. Resolve the conflict, the cause will resurface. Leaders don’t resolve conflicts; they see through them and empower their team to grow from the experience. If you’re a leader wanting to take yourself to the next level, join the Harmonic Leadership program starting 14th Aug.”

This course is a beautiful opportunity to delve into you. The team for me is more than just the business environment it’s any environment with a collection of connected individuals. For me family comes to mind. For more information on the course message James via the below links.

Sit back and enjoy this chat with James, indulge, share and courageously embrace the incredible Sol you are.

Big Love

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The intent for these recordings is to be unhomogenised and unpasteurised conversations that aligns with real life. The falling over words, the poise and challenge in moments to understand how to verbalise what’s wanting to come forward, is part of the realness of nutrient dense conversations. So, with that, I have to say I’m embracing and enjoying watching my own clunkiness as I explore my expression through this space. I hope you too hold space for yourself, friends, family, strangers yet to know and myself as we navigate enriched conversations on this journey.

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