Show Notes

Karyn Janelle Davis is an expert in human development and with a wide variety of applied toolbox training skills. She always comes from an holistic approach to the entire person and their environment, teaching high level skills in the areas of human science, excellence and deliverable results.

A Business Coach for over 15 years, NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner, Multiple Integration Coach, Thetahealing Specialist, Craniosacral Therapist, Energy specialist, Yoga Instructor and with over 18 years of coaching, training, clinic work with all types of people.

When it comes to understanding human nature, she may have a few clues.

Karyn has developed coaches and trainers over the last 15 years that have consistently developed high level change and transformation within their areas of expertise. Programme design for extensive training and facilitation is her specialty, with in-room delivery a passion and a new love of the virtual space, as it works effectively. Karyn loves observing the up-levelling of everyone who is within the training environment.

As a guest speaker and trainer, she has delivered to Government Departments, Corporates, NGO’s, and teaches also within the public and corporate arena of New Zealand. (About – Karyn Janelle Davis “The Wellness Group NZ”)

If this conversation, with the beautiful Karyn Janelle Davis, could be encapsulated in two words for me, it would be “Deliciously Expansive”. The nourishing language and wisdom that dances from Karyn is so filled with invitational wisdom, from a Sol of wholeness. This gorgeous chat cracked open, for me, a new understanding of how we can be a co-creator in our own graceful evolution.

During our conversation, we strolled through the metaphoric farmers market of the Sol, tasting produce from the topics of: alchemy, diving deep into the water of our existence, calibration and the juicy consequences of the new experience of this, generational trauma and return to wholeness, and a whole lot more. We also discuss being an expert in “Speaking Chicken”, Karyn’s humorous talent in viewing life.

I’d have to say that if Karyn had a restaurant, I’d be eating there at least weekly. I am so grateful to have this gracious connection with Karyn.

I invite you to indulge in the deliciousness of this conversation and to explore more richness from Karyn please follow the link below:

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