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“Purpose is not about what you are doing, it’s about who you are.” Nathan Maingard.

Nathan Maingard -Transformational Guide, Empowering Wordsmith, & Podcast Host

We Are Already Free – is the insight and affirmation that Nathan lives his life from. I first heard about Nathan, not through his amazing music career, but his wise long form poem “We are already free”, that went viral through the chaos of 2021. A poem that was inspired to speak wisdom through the clouds of insanity, fear and division. Historically, artist have been the ones to shine light on absurdity, beauty, humanity, politics, and possibilities via their mediums of music and art. But there was an eerie quiet that beckoned for the space to be embraced and expressed into. That poem for me spoke a harmonic resonance into the chaos and opened up almost a question and even a dare “You know you are already free”.

What a cracking chat with Nathan as we took a meander through his life. From his childhood of barefoot and free, to the world demanding he fit in and bowing his knee to this. But then his courage to surrender and leap into the unknown. We have a beautiful discussion around shame, “the big leap”, sabotage patterns, letting go of identities, surrendering to the wisdom of the innate, his passion for holding space and its expression in his coaching space. Nathan is an incredible Sol and such a gift to share space with him in this podcast.

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The intent for these recordings is to be unhomogenised and unpasteurised conversations that aligns with real life. The falling over words, the poise and challenge in moments to understand how to verbalise what’s wanting to come forward, is part of the realness of nutrient dense conversations. So, with that, I have to say I’m embracing and enjoying watching my own clunkiness as I explore my expression through this space. I hope you too hold space for yourself, friends, family, strangers yet to know and myself as we navigate enriched conversations on this journey.

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