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“We’ll teach them the illusion until they are ready for the truth.” Buddha

“Health is not about how you feel, it’s about how you function”. Dr Sarah Farrant.

There are pivotal moments in life where you can recall an experience or insight that creates a significant shift and even profound expansion in who you are. This can be through a simple moment of presence, a sentence in a book or a conversation with an incredible Sol. For me, this conversation with Dr Sarah Farrant has been that and more. From the simple insight in the way I greet what I had termed “sickness”, but through the wisdom of Sarah, I now meet as a “health expression”.(Simple words that carry such potency and nutrient density that will invite you to step deeper into the Innate intelligence within.) To the incredible invitation of what is possible in all facets of life. I’ve re-listened to this conversation with Sarah countless times, as what she shares is simply revolutionary in its content and insight.

In this nutrient dense discussion, we delve into:
– Journey in following the innate prompts to embrace an even more expansive life.
– Uprooting to study Chiropractic in the USA.
– Exploration of what health is with a redefining of the health categorisations of Allopathic, Alternative and the inclusion of the Alternate as a new expansion to health.
– Importance of language in unpacking insights.
– Adjustment vs Treatment
– Demonstration of the innate wisdom of a health expression
– #1 best-selling books “The Vital Truth” and “The Health Illusion”.
– Establishment of Vital-Wellbeing.

For a lot of us, we are realising and releasing the illusion of who we are and embracing the less travelled road in our return to wholeness. At times the return to our authenticity seems to be impossible and beyond the veil of what we can see. Then, in moments of divine clarity, there are gifts that demonstrate what is potentially able to be embraced. For me Sarah is that gift. An incredible Sol that has worked intimately from the innate space, authentically expressing a life of beauty and patterning possibilities, inviting you to live an inspired life.


Amazon#1 Best Seller List
‘Non-Fiction Writer Of The Year’ 2007

Global presence in 34 countries

Finalist Global Impact Award for Women’s Leadership 2016

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