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I couldn’t be happier than to have the honour of launching Nutritious Conversations with such an incredible woman and dear friend Lynley Erin Rice. Lynley’s courage to step into the incredible woman that she is, through many of her life’s experiences, has and is creating such a ripple effect on the world she touches. Having been a drummer in a rock band that fronted for Iron Maiden, after winning Battle of the Bands, to the experience of her first child’s birth, and the intervention, trauma and post-natal depression that she experienced. Then her calling back of her innate wisdom through courage, connection and self-love to heal and birth her second child at home. through to delving into the Maid, Mother, Maga and Crone aspects of womanhood and exploring the transition from Mother to Maga as well as the health expression of Peri Menopause. It’s a gorgeous conversation that vamps up to some beautiful pearls of wisdom being dropped.

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Podcast Intent:
For me, the intent for these recordings is to be an unhomogenised and unpasteurised conversation that intimately aligns with real life. The falling over words, the poise and challenge in moments to understand how to verbalise what’s wanting to come forward, I see, is part of the realness of nutrient dense conversations. So, with that, I have to say I’m embracing and enjoying watching my own clunkiness as I explore my expression through this space. I hope you too hold space for yourself, friends, family, strangers yet to know and myself as we navigate enriched conversations on this journey.

Big Luv

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