Show Notes

Wendy Steward is a podcaster, speaker, motivator, blogger and writer from Melbourne.
5 years ago, Wendy embarked on her wellness journey after struggling with her weight for many, many years.
Wendy has changed her life dramatically, losing 50+ kilos and 5 dress sizes in this time.
Wendy educated herself and made the necessary changes to improve her health and wellbeing.
Wendy has also undertaken numerous personal development Courses and Seminars to enhance her life and make it the best it can be.

In January 2016 Wendy created and founded her business Wendy’s Way,
In April 2016 she created and launched her own podcast on the Wellness Couch also called Wendy’s Way. Wendy says this is her passion project and a true joy for her to do. Wendy interviews an eclectic mix of guests on her show, with her main focus being wellness.
Wendy has been invited to speak at many different events and share her incredible story of transformation.

Wendy is doing all within her power to live her happiest healthiest life possible and it is her goal to help other people achieve the same quality of life.
Wendy wants to be a voice of hope and encouragement to anyone who needs it

For inspiration, help and support on your wellness journey, to contact her, to work with her or have her speak at your event please visit