Show Notes

If you’re new around here (hello, nice to meet you!), then let me introduce myself properly…

Hi! My name is Jules Galloway. I’m a qualified naturopath and functional medicine practitioner. I help women with fatigue and burnout to regain their health and improve their energy levels.

My practice uses a unique blend of cutting edge science, real food, and natural medicines (with a little bit of mindset thrown in!). I’m committed to staying across the latest advancements in pathology, genetics, nutrition and herbal medicine.

Since 2006 I’ve helped hundreds of women in my clinic to recover from fatigue and burnout. I’ve reached thousands more through my programs, blog posts, social media and podcasts. I’ve also healed myself from adrenal dysfunction, anxiety and depression, so I know what it takes to get well again.

My clients come to me because they are sick of having no energy for their family, friends and the things they love. Work is suffering. Relationships are suffering, Many are developing chronic health issues. They’re dragging themselves around each day and living on coffee and sugar to get by. I’m on a mission to help these women feel happy, in control and full of vitality. I’m committed to giving them new solutions, even when they’ve tried lots of things before.

Oh, and I’m also committed to giving back. I lead teams of medical and nutrition volunteers four times per year to remote parts of Fiji to work on diabetes prevention projects. I can do this now because I finally have the energy and vitality to be able to achieve my dreams… and I want the same for you.

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