Show Notes

Faced with a long list of debilitating digestive & mental health issues, Helen Marshall turned to a Primal diet in a desperate attempt to reset her health. Amazed with how her health and life transformed JUST by changing the foods she ate, Helen felt called to help other women realise that their health problems were not their fault and they were not alone.

Using her Thermomix Helen created a homemade range of Primal Alternatives to sell at her local farmers markets, cool cafes, gourmet pizza shops and health shops.

The feedback was that Primal Alternative range of Breads, Pizzas, Cookies & Gellies was LIFE CHANGING. It made going Primal more doable and sustainable and you didnt need to fall off the wagon just because you fancied pizza night!

Helen is bringing Primal Alternative to the whole of Australia! To do that she has franchised her successful business model to empower creative Mums like her, with a passion for Primal, to run a successful business from home. She has called this the Primalista Licence. Helen is creating a National Brand of local producers – think sisterhood!

Helen helps women get their health back with 1:1 Coaching, 21 Day Challenges and her Primalista Licence brings business opportunities to empower women.