Show Notes

Carl is the founder of BestMe and co-founder of New Zealand’s integrative gym HealthFit Collective. He operates as a father, manager, an educator, a corrective exercise specialist, as a FUNctional movement coach and as a play advocate.

Carl has been in the health and fitness industry for over fourteen  years and has been actively involved in corporate health, has run health retreats, is a quoted health professional, has presented health and fitness seminars around NZ and internationally and has helped create some unique experiential learning experiences with people in other industries (Including Wellington on a Plate).

He has a thirst for knowledge and development and is continually searching for the latest information and tools to help people attain their ‘best self’ that creates freedom and fulfillment in their lives. His formal education stared at Massey university earning him a Bachelor in Sports and Exercise (Deans list) and has continued since, completing many qualifications and courses in multiple areas (Behavior change, psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, corrective exercise, functional medicine and cooking).

Although his background is in movement he also understands that nothing exists in isolation and the only way to attain true wellness is to acknowledge and address all elements of ‘self’. Carl endeavors to collect knowledge from inspiring people from different disciplines and challenges himself, others and current paradigms to provide some insights as to how we can thrive in life and create a better and healthier world.

Although Carl loves everything food and movement, what is most important to Carl  is his family and friends. Being a dad has inspires him on many levels and drives him to help create to a better world for his girls to thrive in.