Show Notes

You can go to all the therapy sessions in the world, but at the end of the day if the family home environment isn’t functioning well…..therapy certainly won’t be as helpful! Meet Sharon Collon. She’s an ADHD coach passionate about helping parents create home environments that are functional and joyful and by streamlining the day to day tasks with innovative systems and routines, you can get back time for the important things like enjoying your children.

Sharon’s husband and eldest son have severe ADHD.  She tried everything for her son; occupational therapy, speech therapy, GAPS Diet, RPA Diet, Paleo Diet, Integrative Paediatricians, Developmental Paediatricians, Child Psychologists, cutting out all colours and preservatives, behavioural therapy and then different medications.  Everything helped to a certain degree but home life was exhausting.  So Sharon began developing routines to try and make my home life easier. She noticed that the more routined and organised her family became the calmer the ADHD family members were. Listen in to learn more about how Sharon has calmed the chaos at home and all about her course that can help you do the same.