Show Notes

Today we are talking to Jeremy Samson who has turned his tough childhood experience into a learning program for children on the autism spectrum. As a kid, Jeremy had trouble understanding sarcasm and jokes. He says his brain worked in a curious way that often got him into trouble. He was bullied and he engaged in self injurious behaviours such as head banging. Eventually testing revealed why Jeremy found life more challenging than other kids his age, he had Aspergers syndrome. Jeremy’s mother, his greatest support and mentor, explored many avenues (traditional and non-traditional) to support his development.

Based on the programs and experiences Jeremy had growing up and based on his extensive research in the area, Jeremy founded ‘Time 2 Train’ – an internationally recognised program for autism, health and fitness. The program is based on the understanding of neuroplasticity and not only has benefits for fitness and emotional management but also in clarity of thoughts and concentration