Show Notes

When the brain and body are overloaded with toxins they don’t have the opportunity to function optimally. Our modern day world is full of chemicals which although are often hard to avoid, there is a great deal you can be doing to safely navigate the chemical maze. We conversation dives deep into the common toxic chemicals (‘fragrances’, phthalates & fluoride) you should be avoiding plus the everyday products you should be thinking twice about! This is one episode you can’t miss – because friends, the strategies shared in today’s episode are within your control.

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Bill Statham. Bill is a researcher and writer with an interest in health education and a commitment to making a positive difference to the health of people and the environment. Bill studied and practised homeopathy both in Australia and the UK for over ten years. During this time he became increasingly concerned about the detrimental effects on health caused by synthetic chemicals in the foods we eat and cosmetic products we use every day.