Show Notes

Kids on the spectrum are drawn to digital devices, and lets face it, many kids prefer the virtual world over the real world. Electronic devices can provide predictability where kids feel safe, secure and can play a game tailored to their current interest. This sounds far more appealing than the real world which is full of unpredictability, judgement, misunderstandings, sensory overload and constant social challenges. But the tricky thing is trying to limit screen time and take back a device when time is up. This can trigger all sorts of meltdowns and behaviours.

Today, we’ll be diving into techno tantrums, safe screen time and practical advice on how to manage things like social media. I’m super excited to be talking with Dr. Kristy Goodwin. Kristy is a children’s technology and development expert, speaker, author & mum. She takes the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age and arms parents with facts, not fears, about the best ways to parent when it comes to technology.