Show Notes

Cecile Colares loves everything to do with wellbeing and raising our vibration to live emotionally balanced lives in joy.

She started to practice yoga in 2006, and is now an experienced yoga teacher specialising in Pre-natal & Post-natal yoga and during her classes, Cecile likes to create a safe space for pregnant women to feel and connect with their babies. A place where she supports them and guides them through asanas, mudras, and meditation to connect with their inner trust and strength creating new neuropathways to benefit them to birth their baby with confidence, trust, calm, and love.

After giving birth to her son, Cecile felt a strong inner calling for supporting women during pregnancy, labour, birth and the transition to motherhood. She reveres birth and see it as a great Rite of Passage and is just about to complete her Doula training. She is also working closely with Maha Al Musa to create The Mother’s Centre, supporting families from conception to parenthood and beyond.