Show Notes

Maha Al Musa is a leading light in the birth world as a spiritual birth visionary and birth activist. She has 20 years experience working with pregnant and birthing women and is the creator and founder of EmbodyBirth™ – BellydanceBirth® – The Al Musa Method®  also described as Mindful Movement To Awaken Birth Wisdom since 1997. Maha was the winner of the 2011 One World National Birth Hero Award, breastfeeding advocate, doula, mother of three and birth consultant for both pregnant women and birth professionals. She offers her inspiring somatic  Teacher Training worldwide that honours the language of the feminine. 

Maha is also an international speaker and passionate about Human Rights in Childbirth. She has presented at numerous birth conferences, events and seminars within Australia and internationally, having spoken at The Human Rights In Childbirth Conference in Mumbai India 2-5th February

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