Show Notes

Anne Margolis is a practicing Midwife in New York who started her career as a labour and delivery nurse. When her first 2 babes were born in hospital, under the threat of caesarean, Anne got a real understanding of how labouring mamas receive maternity care and was inspired to become a licenced midwife.  She went on to birth her next 2 children at home, and is now a dedicated holistic homebirth midwife operating in New York and New Jersey, with extensive qualifications and experience.


Anne is also an aspiring yogi and prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher, a doula, and a childbirth educator, and you are going to love her straight-down-the-line approach to birth.

You can find more of Anne’s goodness (including the odd yoga headstand!) at her online home and you can become part of her online community at homesweethomebirth on both Facebook and Instagram, where she provides services to women across the globe; for empowered, healthy, joyful living in childbearing & beyond.