Show Notes

Kylie Szabo is the Rockstar Mama of 3 babes. After her first 2 babes were born via unscheduled caesarean birth she knew she wanted a different experience for her third child. Whilst extensively exploring her VBAC options, Kylie also deep-dived into the world of natural and maternal-assisted caesareans, ultimately birthing her daughter via the very first maternal-assisted caesarean birth at her local hospital. You will love Kylie’s rockstar support team and incredible determination.

If you would like to read Kylie’s birth journey in full, pick up a copy of Issue #1 – the Believe In You issue – of the Rockstar Birth Magazine and immerse yourself in her  amazing photographs:

And to get inspired and informed about what is involved in the natural or maternal-assisted caesarean birth, grab a copy of the Positive Caesarean Birth issue of the Rockstar Birth Magazine: