Show Notes

Khrystina Pryani is a musician and songwriter born and raised in NYC and the mother of 3 home born children. In 2007 Khrystina started her own label, Free Soul Music and has independently released singles and an LP entitled ‘Decade’ which are available on iTunes.

We connected when Khrystina was pregnant with her third babe and she shared this message with me:

“I am pregnant with my third and as of today, I am 42 weeks and 1 day. I have been searching for positive and empowering experiences of other mamas. Thank you for your magazines and posts, I have been hanging onto every word, they have been feeding and comforting me through this process.”

So naturally, we were gonna be best friends, right? Khrystina went onto birth her babe at 42 weeks and 6 days and she will be sharing this birth, and her previous experiences with us today.